Proactive Return to School

As school reopens for the 2018-19 school year, families are energized and re-organizing. This is a very busy, and sometimes a trying, time of year for all.

For those who have a student who is dyslexic, and may or may not, be receiving assistance through and IEP or accommodations 504 Plan, this is also a time for a proactive return to school. The assumption is that services and accommodations will continue without further efficacy from home. The expectation of continued services and accommodations is part of your rights, so check early and often until satisfied.

Being proactive is working to ensure that services are happening on a timely manner, and is meeting the student’s needs currently. Review the student’s documentation, and scheduled review dates. Ask for IEP or 504 meetings if you don’t feel that things are going well for your student. If you are experiencing a transition to a new/different school it is even more important to follow through on the student’s behalf to ensure services and accommodations are in place.

Speak with student’s teacher(s) and inform them of the student’s placement and specific needs. Ask for and expect on-going communication about how the student is doing. Address specifically how services or accommodations are being delivered and who the responsible parties are for that delivery. Get clarification on how things might be different this year from last. What are the reasons for those differences? If the student has a case manager, check with them as well seeking the same information.

Review and ask for everything in writing from the school for your records, and to ensure that all is being done to serve your student’s needs. Ask for this documentation as it is your right and will aide further in making sure services and accommodations are provided.